Profiler is a recruitment solution that will change the way you recruit people at your company.


Your Unique Recruitment Solution

Profiler is a solution that will help you handle your recruitment processes. You can easily manage your requests and your candidates’ database, and the matching is done automatically!

It’s a cloud-based application developed using Low-Code Technology.

Profiler will make your life easier! Very user-friendly, you’ll get addicted to it in no time.

The main reasons why you should adopt it are:

  • Speed. Managing requests and candidates faster than ever;

  • Easy access. You can access Profiler online, like any other web page;

  • Organization. Quick view on your current processes, and all of your data is organized for you;

  • Centralized data. Tired of having so many files and Excel sheets to manage your work? With Profiler, everything is in the same place, and you can access it in one click.

Profiler is already built and running. We just need to set it up on your computer, make the necessary adjustments for your needs, and you can start using it within 2 weeks time.

Please contact us for a demo version.