We are teaching machines how to read documents that humans don't want to read providing an end-to-end automation of your digital transformation.

What is DocDigitizer?
​DocDigitizer is a state of the art cognitive OCR technology (powered by machine learning) that enables the efficient and reliable data capture from unstructured documents transforming it into accessible and structured knowledge.


Automatic data extraction


We transform doc processes so you can unlock time + hidden funds. DocDigitizer (DD) automates data extraction with semantic analysis & ML reducing costs by 50% and handling docs 4x faster.

E.g. PestanaCR7 Hotel and CA Bank (1.4M clients) are already DD users.

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Direct Cost Structure Optimization


DocDigitizer provides a direct cost structure optimization enabling organizations to allocate people to value added tasks, reducing information lead times, increasing the quality of information in areas where errors and lags can generate significant financial impacts.

With DocDigitizer we ensure that businesses can grow without growing their operation overhead in areas outside their core business, in a nutshell we create data entry free organizations.


The DocDigitizer is a solution being promoted by Global Smart Processes and Odysai.